Ackerman Capital ManagementThe Ackerman Difference

Five decades of investment success for our clients

Ackerman Capital Management stands apart from other firms with its long history, experienced professionals, sophisticated technology, and pioneering investment approach.

History of the Firm

Ackerman Capital Management (ACM) was built upon a spirit of innovation when Edward Ackerman formed the first hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas in 1969.  Over the ensuing five decades, ACM has steered its clients through market ups, downs, and times of uncertainty.

Mission, Values, & Logo

Ackerman Capital Management helps you navigate the complexities and unique opportunities that come with significant wealth. Drawing upon decades of investment management expertise, we are committed to providing you financial confidence, so you can enjoy what matters most in your life.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy has been informed by decades of financial research and two generations of investment experience. The portfolios we construct are based on time-tested and cutting-edge financial academic theory.

Investment Process

Our disciplined investment process combines the best aspects of active and passive approaches. Utilizing low cost, tax-efficient ETFs and mutual funds, we actively manage portfolios using a proprietary methodology based on relative valuation and price trends.

Client Communication

We build trusting relationships by communicating proactively with our clients and providing professional service in a timely manner. We schedule periodic reviews with our clients, provide customizable reporting, regular investment commentaries, and secure online 24/7 access to account information.

Our Team

The Ackerman team complements one another with our varied professional backgrounds and areas of expertise, yet it is our shared values that strongly connect us as a successful, cohesive team.

Our Founder

From founding Ackerman Associates in 1969 to his retirement in 2007, Edward M. Ackerman compiled a legendary track record of investment success. His passion for investing and steadfast character have left an indelible mark on the investment firm he founded.