Who We ServeFamily Offices

First-hand experience gives us valuable insight into serving your family office

Family offices are attracted to our multi-generational approach to wealth management, our investment expertise, and our robust reporting capabilities.


ACM views the wealth management process with a multi-generational perspective. We advise as needed on family-owned business and/or generational wealth transitions by working closely with the family members involved and their trusted professionals who may be assisting them. We understand the importance of tax-efficient investing from year to year, but also from generation to generation, and can provide customized investment solutions for any estate planning strategy or entity. ACM additionally offers in-house alternative investment partnerships and works closely with valuation professionals in determining appropriate limited partner discounts for estate planning purposes. Finally, we understand the need to educate our clients and their heirs on important investment and financial matters and take the time to do so effectively.


Many of our clients integrate philanthropic giving into their estate planning and investment strategies. We advise on a variety of gifting strategies and with such structures as charitable trusts, donor-advised funds, and private foundations, in an effort to maximize the tax-efficiency, flexibility, and impact of our clients’ philanthropic pursuits. As we administrate and manage investments for all three types of these philanthropic vehicles on behalf of our own family office, we can offer our clients valuable, first-hand advice.


Family offices value the sophistication of our investment process and take comfort in the knowledge that the Ackerman family office is invested right alongside them in every ACM offering. Our diversified investment portfolios can serve as a family’s core investment vehicle or as a complement to illiquid, private holdings in real estate, oil & gas, or other operating businesses. Family offices also gain access to our unique in-house, alternative investment strategies.


The history of our firm began with the formation and long-lived success of the first Dallas-based hedge fund. We are experienced managers of in-house alternative strategies, in both partnership and separate account form, with performance-based fee structures. These offerings provide our family office clients with access to sophisticated alternative strategies and the opportunity to diversify and enhance the risk/return profile of their overall investment portfolio.

Reporting Technology

ACM utilizes advanced and flexible investment reporting solutions in the industry, providing the ability to customize the access, content, and frequency of reporting. We offer family offices the same flexible reporting solutions for all their investment accounts, beyond those managed by ACM, giving them the ability to evaluate their combined investable assets on a single platform.  ACM also supports clients with most sophisticated financial planning tools and analytics for family office use, including modules for net worth statements, spending analysis, complex ownership structures, and the administration and performance of private investments vehicles.