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Your advisor for Generational Wealth Management, Estate Planning, & Philanthropic Giving

We understand both the challenges and opportunities that come with significant wealth. We are committed to helping you pursue your financial objectives with integrated wealth management solutions, both for today and for generations to come.

Trusted Fiduciary

We take the necessary time to build a strong relationship of trust with our clients and clearly understand their unique situations and goals.  We are an independent firm that provides fiduciary advice that is always in our clients’ best interest.

Collaborative Professional Advice

We work closely with, and/or refer our clients to, trusted CPAs, attorneys, and other professional advisors who provide expert planning & estate structuring advice.  We believe in collaborating with top professionals in their fields to provide our clients with the most informed tax, estate, and insurance planning advice.

Client Service & Organizational Services

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional and attentive service in fulfilling their wealth management needs. Additionally, we collaborate with professional service providers to simplify the financial lives of our clients with organizational assistance, bill paying, cash flow reporting, and needs created from a life transition.

Sophisticated Technology

ACM utilizes the most advanced and flexible investment reporting solutions in the industry with the ability to customize access, content, and frequency of reporting. We offer clients the same flexible reporting solutions for all their investment accounts, beyond those managed by ACM, so they are able to evaluate their combined investable assets on a single platform. ACM also supports clients with highly sophisticated financial planning tools and analytics, including modules for net worth statements, spending analysis, and the administration and performance of private investments.

Philanthropic Giving

Many of our clients integrate philanthropic giving into their estate planning and investment strategies. We advise on a variety of gifting strategies and with entities such as charitable trusts, donor-advised funds, and private foundations, in an effort to maximize the tax-efficiency, flexibility, and impact of our clients’ philanthropic pursuits.